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About Ruenmallika

Concept: Thai Restaurant that highlights on a fine sensation of premium Thai cuisine.
The renowned taste of the recipes, which have been passed on from generation to another, are completed with the charm of the Thai culture and the authentic Thai lifestyle.

Ruen Mallika’s Uniqueness

Once step inside, you will be touched by the sense of Thainess, from the full-flavoured cuisine, prepared from the best ingredients, to our cordial service in a just-perfect ambience. Every dish is served in celadon, which is a special greenish ceramic table ware, and decorated with exquisite carved fruits and vegetables. We serve a bowl of water with floating jasmine before meal for you to wash your hands. Our staffs dress in Thai costumes with decorative sash tailored from beautiful local homespun fabric, similar to a style of traditional northern Thai clothing. Ruen Mallika, Sukhumvit Ruen Mallika Sukhumvit had its grand opening on 23 September 2002. The building is a large traditional Thai teak house, estimated to be built in King Rama II’s reign, or around 200 years ago. The 824-square-meter building is located in Soi Sethi, Sukhumvit 22 in Bangkok. The restaurant’s name, Ruen Mallika, has its origin from the “authentic Thai” concept in combine with the name of the ownerAjarn Mallika Leelaphante. The building has two storeys: The ground level locates the Hong Thoong Ngern Thoong Thongwhich is a large hall adjacent to the Laan Pailin, a large wooden deck set amidst green groves, small watercourse that freshen up the surround atmosphere. The top level is consisted of 3 main halls which are Hong Maha Hongse, Hong Sethi Ruen Nai, and Hong Sethi Ruen Nok. The former two are connected while the latter is located separately on the right wing of the building. Every hall has wooden benches with backrest cushion to sit back while enjoying your meal.

Distinctive Features

The interior is partitioned by glass walls, giving a sense of openness blending with the dazzle of Thai theme paintings and sculptures situated on the walls and in the corners. The restaurant has two storeys.

The ground level is a great Old Rose-Green hall decorated with antique wood and furniture and wicker sets. Hong Kwak Morakot is also available at this level for those who prefer a private get-together. Attached to the building is the over-water deck where you can enjoy a cool breeze. The top level locates the two connectable private rooms Hong Om Ngern and Hong Om Thong which have been decorated with wooden benches and backrest cushions.